Monday, 16 April 2012

a birthday.

it's someone very special's birthday today. it's a's 25th! happy birthday, my bestie. i'd do anything to be able to spend this day with you every year. wishing you nothing but the very best for the year, enjoy every moment! reach for the stars!

my plans for a's birthday have been in motion for months. we were originally going to see each other, but thanks to inflating air fares, we had to postpone. (we might spend a month in Melbourne together instead!) so i spent time gathering up the bits and pieces for a birthday package to send to her. giving snail mail 10+ days to get it to her in time for her trip back to Sydney (stars and a HUGE red square around the day to mail out the package so it'd definitely make it). i gathered up all the letters (stacks!) i've written over the last 2+ months. everything, to make this package something exciting for her. 

a will have to fill us in on how she celebrated later. so what did i do to enjoy her day?

i went to a new cafe!

Flat white and Chocolate Cake with Raspberries- it's going to become my 'regular'
it's called little&friday. i visited the Newmarket shop this afternoon, based inside Martha's Fabrics. and i have to say, they lived up to the expectations built up by the Viva article about 2 weeks ago. it was dainty and simple, but so gorgeous. 

their water was flavoured with cinnamon stick (as c so very delicately put: "there's tree in my water."), their cutlery in glass bottles. each table decorated with tall floral arrangements, a generous stack of magazines and their newly-released cookbook: Treats from Little&Friday

Inside Martha's Fabrics
c and i agreed to disagree with our favourites. this was his Bread and Butter Pudding with Vanilla Custard
it's definitely going on the list of places to take a next time she's in Auckland. am taking my mum and aunties when they're here in two weeks time. but for now...back to work tomorrow. living vicariously through a on holiday.

happy birthday my dear, i miss you. enjoy your trip. 
love, h

photos courtesy of c's iphone. i have to say, i wish instagram was android too. *hint hint* Mark Zuckerberg!

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