Monday, 14 May 2012

catch-up over tea.

as a has said, we've had company. i've had relatives fly in for graduation celebrations. but most importantly, mum came. i've missed spending time with her, and miss her even more now.

so over a cup of deliciously fragrant rooibos tea at Zarbo's, let's catch up!
Zarbo's is mum's favourite cafe in nz. it's got a huge range of cabinet/deli foods, a great bakery range- she loves the bread, and a menu with lots of yummies (personal favourites: their vegetarian omelette tied with their eggs benedict on a potato. yum!) they also do superb coffee, though lately i'm having an affair with tea.

along with lots of letters from a, came tea and other goodies! i love t2 tea. they do lovely black teas. i've got a tiny stash of Sydney Breakfast Tea i don't want to finish, but lucky a topped me up with some Good Morning and Good Evening. yum! though i'm sad to say we had an issue with customs with one of the packages containing Girlie Grey, due to the lemon/orange rind. must hunt it down in auckland!
on that note, thank you to my lovely neighbors who delivered my package written to the wrong address!

it's official, i'm a graduate! to be honest, i don't feel any different other than having a silly amount of celebrations haha. but it was great to have some of the family here. we started the day early with the traditional auckland university graduate procession, the ceremony, a lovely lunch at Rebo, photos then dinner at GPK. (their warm chocolate brownie won 'favourite dessert' by far.)

gorgeous and expensive bunch of flowers from mum and a card from a. i laughed. it says- 

You've graduated!*   

*Quick, flee the country before the school figures out its a mistake. 

you know me too well, a. i love it. along with all my lovely new charms.

our short family trip included a day out to the Waitakere Ranges which always takes my breath away. there is one of those national park photo frames next to this gorgeous visitors centre. if you've never been, go! i love my new phone which allows me to take panoramas like this. can't wait for summer to try it out at the beach. or on a sunset.

the rain is back, giving the first hint of winter. and with everyone back to routine, i've got less family time to look forward to. but it makes you appreciate every moment you do have much more. as always, hope you're having a wonderful day. bedtime!

love, h

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