Saturday, 16 June 2012

a different type of style

so it's been another week, can you believe it? time is flying by faster than ever these days; we're already half way through june!! at the moment, the countdown to my next break is in 10 days. i'll be going to malaysia to see more family i haven't seen in a while, and more importantly to see my dad and mum and my brother again. more cherished times to come! 

i know that everytime i post, i say this: i have to make more effort to blog post. but you know what? it's been blog week in my brain this week and i've been getting inspiration from the grand world of bloggers out there. especially these two: 3191 miles apart.

as you might have realised, i've decided to change my style up a tiny little bit: a little less words and a little more pictures to make things more interesting. 

tea has become my new daily and nightly thing. i have chrysanthemum in the morning, green in the afternoon and herbal at night. herbal tea especially at night since it helps with the sugar cravings and makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. 

another daily thing: sudoku. to get my brain going and to keep my thinking in action. and just to keep life a little simpler and happier.

lastly, while i do try to post every sunday, i missed out on last week.
so here are this week's loves.

my two new favourite stationary brands.
the fonts and calligraphy that an april idea do are just beautiful. i fell in love with her cards when i stumbled upon them in the bookshop. definitely more purchases from this local talent.

and h's paper is another favourite. as i write this, the brand is not yet on the market and just in the works. but lucky me, i get to see it being designed and this special girl's artwork. look out for her!

and who doesn't love chocolate? especially little mini-bars of whittaker's goodness. yum!

good morning!
love, a

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