Sunday, 24 June 2012

the starbucks debate.

everyone who's known me since university knows i absolutely love coffee. completely addicted.
yet not too long ago, i used to complain to mum about the 'smell' of coffee. it's now a smell i wake up to.
and i love cafes. 

but i'm not so sure about starbucks. i've long debated it. 
it provides a fantastic meeting spot for friends and family alike. it has simple and acceptable variety food and drink. (prices debatable...) but most stores do really awful coffee. a lot of the time, the coffee isn't strong enough or it's burnt. honestly, they could really do better quality coffee.

i may have also heard from a little birdie that used to work there, that although there's a 'recipe' for how to make drinks, they can really throw in whatever they like (?! not sure...). i've had a friend who once got a caramel macchiato- minus the espresso. the only drink i ever have is their signature hot chocolate. 

however, after reading David Lebovitz's 'why i don't hate Starbucks,' i can appreciate why perhaps i too, shouldn't hate Starbucks. not only the fact that it's brought 'cafe culture' back to life in America, starting up many other coffee businesses, but that it's bringing people together. everyone meets at Starbucks.

and surely enough, i can order whatever i like (signature hot chocolate, but cold. not a frappe.) but their menu is straightforward and their logo is catchy. they may have also been pioneers of the pretty-design-your-own thermos'. this is mine, a lovely gift from a friend:

after all this debate, i think it's fair to say, i'm not a regular but i think i don't hate Starbucks.

ps. status anxiety fans keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for some bag love. i know i will be!
love, h

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