Saturday, 27 April 2013

the beauty of Sunday.

there's just something beautiful about Sundays.
and it isn't just that (most of us) wake up to coffee and no work.
there's the peace of knowing another week has come and gone.
(or perhaps, now that i've said that, panic that another week has gone.)

a personal favourite is Easter Sunday. (oh and a public holiday!)
as a Christian who was baptised on Easter Sunday, i always remember it as a day of hope and new beginnings.
especially this year, when it marked a new beginning of singledom.
oh and how good it felt to reflect on that.

but sitting here, typing this on a Sunday. the sun is shining (rare for April-end Auckland) and i feel at peace. i will always remember this moment, having let go of betrayal and anger (for now). i feel so new and free again.

and how amazing is friendship (though i'd rather it not be so), that a and i are sharing in this time.
i'm so lucky to have the friends and family i do. love you dear a.

loving the early morning/evening walks. thank you, new shoes.

my friends darling daughter, (also) a, at 12 hours old.

nz music. six60.

camera friendly comfort food (not so tummy friendly).

wishing everyone a beautiful Sunday. 
love, h

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