Sunday, 30 June 2013

half of 2013

today, we farewell the first half of 2013 and welcome the next.
half a year, been and gone.
and what a glorious half year its been. with ups and downs.
full of amazing self-discovery and realisations.
life is only just beginning to rise over the hilltops and beam its warm glow over us.

here are some of my fav 2013-first half moments:

new years eve, watching the sun set slowly on the beach.

summer roadie with my two favourite girls to Matakana.

the birth of my beautiful niece, A. i cant wait to watch you grow.

the incredibly moving Anzac Day dawn service. worth every hour of sacrificed sleep.

new fav spot in town, the photogenic everybody's izakaya. 

looking forward to new things, new people, new experiences and new awakenings in the second half.

love, h

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