Friday, 16 March 2012

about writing.


Writing and reading is such a big part of my life.
every year i buy a diary, have calendars and write down everything that goes on.
i have a 'scribble book,' (matching ones with a!) for thoughts, lists and just every day mish-mash.

i love writing to friends. in the modern day of emails and texts, i think receiving a letter from someone means so much more. when i get a letter in my mailbox, my heart does a little happy dance. you truly know someone through their writing.

there are many friends i keep in touch with by mail. a, more than everyone else. as i've lived in 4 countries in my 23 years, made countless friends, but the special ones have managed to keep the snail-mail going all these years.
Received this card in the mail from my friend J today (mailing each other 11 years and counting!) we both loved doodling and making cards when we were 8...and now she's a greeting card designer! amazing where your dreams can lead you if you let them take you by the hand.

a and i love MUJI, for their amazing selection of stationary. their notebooks, paper, envelopes... EVERYTHING is of simple design, but stylish and perfect for everyone to add their personal touch to. i love the recycled/brown-paper-bag look.
i use their diaries for every day (2012, gift from a) and their notebooks for travel and work journals. their newest post-its are awesome.

Scrapbooking is another love. i have lots of art journals full of pictures, cut-outs from magazines and newspapers and my own little doodles. it's the greatest joy, sitting down in, by the windows on a sunny afternoon and simply cutting and pasting with a cup of coffee. 
Don't know where to start? Love that picture? take a photo or grab some scissors! 

This weekends challenge: get creative.
love, h



i can honestly say that i never used to write this much.
or at least i never had the habit of writing letters or blogs or journals or anything for that matter.

but since i met h two years ago, writing has become one of my life-long loves.
and i don't think i'll be stopping anytime soon. i guess you could say, i love it too much now.

writing your closest friends and family and/or anyone is the most amazing feeling. the thought of putting pen to paper to write a special message to that someone puts a smile on my face every time, and makes my day a little brighter. the best thought? thinking of when that person you wrote to receives your mail in their letterbox.
smail (snail+mail) is definitely way more personal and heartfelt than a quick email these days.

h is my constant reminder to write and keep writing. it's been two years and counting for us. i write to her almost everyday about everything that is happening on my side of the world: the good, the bad and the boring.
and she is wonderful in that she reads it all.

the downside of smail tho?
the system doesn't work so well where i am in vietnam. so h and i concocted a plan. since i get time off every three months to leave the country, we send big 3 months worth of letter packages to each other.
new zealand to sydney and sydney to new zealand.

twenty-eight days till sydney and my home. there will be lots of letters to read. i am excited!

love a.  

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