Thursday, 15 March 2012

the day we just stay in bed and watch tv.


a and i are serious with our tv shows.
(a edit: yes, we most definitely ARE!)

Tonight, NZ showed the latest episode of Once Upon a Time, "The Shepherd" (yea, we are a little behind...)
if you aren't already watching it (and in love with it!), you should be.

based on all our favourite fairy tales, the characters are brought into our world by a curse by the evil witch (always the way.) they have no idea who they really are, but little Henry, along with his birth-mother Emma (who just happens to be Snow White and Prince Charming's long-lost daughter), are slowly bringing the town (Storybrooke) back to life.

While Once has spun our well-known fairy tales into one fine web, Revenge has also captured my heart.

Emily, formerly known as Amanda, is seeking revenge on everyone who destroyed her father and their life. as twisted and crazy as it may sound, i look forward to watching who and how she's going to take the next one down each week. it's amazing to watch how the powerful and wealthy play their games.

when i just want a few laughs, i embrace my inner geek with The Big Bang Theory. more tomorrow!
love, h


a :

combining posts are a good idea, i think. it means h and i can talk on the same subject and keep things a little more consistent, rather than us rambling to you on different things.

the day is.....watching tv and staying in bed. sigh. sounds like a wonderful afternoon.

my tv show of the night?
new girl.

h and i love zooey deschanel. 
she plays a quirky girl, jess, in the show. a teacher who has moved in with three male flatmates: one, jake - a law school drop out turned bartender; two, schmidt - the 'douchebag' of the group; and three, winston - the unemployed one. there's also cece, jess' best friend.

the show revolves around jess at school, at the apartment loft, and well, her life pretty much.
it's one of the shows that cheer me and h up and ends the day well with laughs =)

did i mention that h and i LOVE their loft?

we would love a place like this one day.

love a.

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