Sunday, 11 March 2012

the day we...started this blog

so...(original way of starting a conversation). it's a cloudy Monday afternoon.
I'm lucky. I don't work Mondays. It's my run errands, catch up with friends/housework/work/sleep and do everything else/nothing day. But today, it's the day we post the first post on this blog.

By we, I mean a and I. a is at work, she works in Vietnam at the moment, which makes her a million miles away. But we do our best. Through letters, photos, messages, more recently over whatsapp, and now this! Our project together.

Have you ever felt when you met someone for the first time, that you know each other so so so-very well. That you just get along. You come from completely different backgrounds, grew up in different countries, but you become such good friends you may as well have met on the playground when you were 3. I've only known a for 2 years, but she's the sister I never had.

Dropped my car off at the panel-beaters for a repair- the perfect chance to grab an early morning coffee at Altezano on Kent St, Newmarket. I love their simple, yet stylish interior. And they have the best, up-to-date magazines. a and I dream of owning a cafe together one day.

The weather in Auckland is dreary. Wherever you are, hope the sun is shining!
love, h

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