Thursday, 29 March 2012

dreams 1.

a and i could write pages and pages about dreams. so i thought i'd start it off.

a and i dream about travelling around the world. starting with the main 'attractions,' like Italy, Spain, Thailand... but eventually i'd like to see all the corners of the world. and not only 'visit' them, experience them. spend a good 3 months to really know the place before i moved on, like in Eat, Pray, Love. i thought about this recently and realised what i poor choice of career i had chosen. can't work overseas with my job.

i dream about simpler things. like being able to have a library in my house. just my little room with all the books lined up on high shelves. and a sliding ladder like in Beauty and the Beast so i can reach the ones at the top. a comfy chair with a throw to read in. and a tall round coffee table to set my coffee/tea on. next to a large window. the light comes in during the afternoons. and it's warm and cozy.

i dream about the family being together. mum will be here next month. for our cherished 2 weeks. then i go back to hoping. though deep down i know it'll be a long time, if ever, that we'll all be living together again. mum found out she's getting promoted yesterday and i couldn't even hug her congratulations. but at least we are all alive and healthy. (ps. Telecom, please fix our phone line.)

"Follow your heart and your dreams will come true." - Anonymous.

love, h

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