Tuesday, 27 March 2012

the things we love 1.

It has definitely been a busy week. With everything: work and free time and all the things in between. And so I haven't managed to post in a while. Apologies! But I'm back fresh with a new topic that's been on my mind for a while. To help keep me happy though, I thought why not start writing about the things h and i love and start a series of them every now and then to add to the list!

So first off, if you haven't been reading or do not know by now, h and i LOVE our stationary. like, truly LOVE it to bits.
first off, galoop.

h introduced me to the snail brand 'galoop' in taiwan when i was working there and it has definitely become a love affair. the stationary is gorgeous but quirky and creative at the same time! i write on a lot of their stationary to h and likewise, h writes a lot to me on it. they also have clothes there too, very neutral but still fun and different to the mainstream!

h: galoop was first introduced to me by a artist-in-the-making friend! since then i always drop in when i'm in tw to grab their latest little bits and pieces. their diaries are versatile and stationary is super super cute and quirky. i'm also proud to own one of their snowflake necklaces and a dark green hoodie. my perfect winter top.

next, the never-ending love for kikki.k

kikki.k is expanding. and i think soon it will be all around the world. but it's a local for h and i. an australian brand which branched off to new zealand by an ever-amazing swedish woman. the stationary is lovable. simple but elegant. colourful and truly special for anyone that receives any. h and i give ourselves any kind of excuse to spend money here, it's our 'essential spending'.

i love their new organisk range. its colourful and oh so pretty. since vietnam doesn't have kikki.k, h is my saviour. she bought and gave me the new organisk letter set which comes with a box and a bunch of stationary material. i love it so much, i got h to buy me another one (during their sales of course) to stock up!

h and i love our diaries. i started using an italian brand called ciak which h introduced me too as well!

their size and layout is perfect for me and my daily life. i pretty much fill in everything that goes on in my day whether it is important or not. just the idea of noting things down makes me happy. and it's also my scribble book too! anything that needs to be remembered goes down in the diary!

h: my first ciak diary was given to me by mum and dad. they know my love for diaries and leather. ciak is the perfect combination. this year i opted for the same colour as always. the burnt orange which kind of resembles real leather. a and i love our leather items. there's just something amazing about the texture and smell of leather.

and lastly, on a different topic to stationary, skin care. another brand born and bred in australia. and born the same year as me i might add! h and i love aesop.

aesop is all about natural ingredients. their shops are so clean and simple and always makes me want to go in. they've expanded worldwide too, to lots of places including our second home, taiwan. i remember when h and i went to their newtown store. it was wonderous, we couldn't decide what we wanted to buy, there was so much. i tried their amazing face cleanser just last night, and it truly is what its name is. amazing. will stock up when i head home.

h: my aesop favourite is their rind concentrate body balm. it comes in both a pump bottle and a squeezy tube. i love squeeze tubes... they remind me of paints in the tubes. it's really amazingly hydrating and smells amazing- grapefruit and lemon!

so, its time for dinner here. another work day over and 16 days left till home. sounds within reach already.
more 'the things we love' to come!

love a.

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