Monday, 19 March 2012

journaling prompt #74

another inspiration from kikki.K's journaling prompts. today, #74: What makes a person beautiful?

i think everyone is beautiful in their own way. we just have to open our eyes (and sometimes, hearts) to see it. outward beauty is easy to appreciate, but to me being beautiful inside is what really counts.

a is a beautiful person. of course, she takes care of herself, dresses simply and modestly (with a slight street-style- will never forget the first time i met her!), but also beautifully caring, incredibly generous, and always always there for me. she has the most amazing handwriting. every little piece of snail mail i get, is gorgeous.

at work, i try very hard to treat every customer exactly the same. we have the 'loved one rule,' where you have to treat each person as you would a loved one. sometimes this is forgotten (or just too hard!), but it's amazing how beautiful some difficult people become if they're given the chance.

back to work tomorrow, goal for the week: see the beauty in every person.
love, h

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