Sunday, 18 March 2012

things i couldn't do in 2011.

Along with 70 thousand other Aucklanders today, i participated the 8.4km 'Round the Bays.'
though it's not a long run/walk, it was my first time and  i'm quite happy to have finished it.
the feeling of satisfaction when you finish is amazing! (ask me again in a couple hours when the pain kicks in)

the last 2k, i was thinking about all the things i couldn't do in 2011. like do round the bays. a year ago, this seemed like something only the 'very fit' could do. but there were so many people challenging themselves out there today. it was inspiring.

Last year, i didn't believe i could drive. i had my learners for 6 years before i finally got my restricted licence. i was convinced it was something i just couldn't do. my parents tried to encourage me by saying, everyone else out there can drive, so can you! (it didn't help...) i've been on the road for about 3 months now and although i still have moments of doubt and had a minor incident in a car park recently, all else has been ok. if you asked me this time last year, i probably wouldn't believe it. 

it's also 44 days until my graduation! although it's not something i couldn't believe i could do, it still feels like quite an achievement. the last 4 years have really flown by. am really looking forward to it, with mum and my aunties coming. it's also mum's graduation, birthday and the first time i'm celebrating Mothers day with her in 6 years. 

Made a Spinach and Beef Lasagna for dinner tonight. Cooking is another one of my passions. a and i love our good food. Happy Sunday. 
love, h


yesterday, h chose a good topic to blog about. achievements and the things we didn't do in 2011, or the things we haven't yet tried or done at all in our lifetimes.

i actually haven't thought about this much at all in my 25 years. it feels like i haven't accomplished much yet, and that there's a lot more things i want to do. but these things i want to do? they are my big dreams for the future. like the plan h and i have for a cafe. or the idea of us traveling the world together. and my own future dream? to have and own my own restaurant.

but i think looking back on it all, my biggest achievement to date, is not graduating from uni or anything like that. it has been making the decision, my own decision, to move to vietnam alone for my very own first job. it has always been a dream even during uni days to get a job overseas, take up the challenge and experience a whole different life. i am so lucky though to know that even when i doubt myself or have my weak moments, there are friends and family back home who are always on my side supporting me all the way.

my next short term goal? learn vietnamese fluently! 

love a.

p.s apologies for the lack of photos. my laptop broke down a couple of days ago, and am waiting for it to be fixed.

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