Tuesday, 20 March 2012

the things we take for granted.

bright and early morning post today, its only 7.42am here!

i was thinking about what to post last night but actually nothing came to mind. until i went to take a shower and the water stopped. and then i decided today that i would post about the things we often take for granted.

electricity supply
yesterday, the company lost power all day. its a weekly occurrence here in vietnam because there usually isn't enough electricity supply to keep the whole city happy. we are lucky that we have backup power but that doesn't mean it's the solution. we have to sacrifice parts of the factory to the more important parts of production. and basically? plan ourselves really well to keep everything going.

so after last night's incident (it's not the first time) i thought water is definitely on the list. as i've heard, there isn't enough water for everyone to use either. because our production uses up a lot! almost 2,000 tons a day. so it's another sacrifice we have to make. lucky for me all the soap was washed off, and all i needed to do was boil water to wash my face and brush my teeth.

a quiet roof over my head
the three things above are definitely things i take for granted and never worried about shortages back home in sydney. the roof above my head now is ok, it's not bad but it could be better i guess. that would make things more comfortable. i have birds that have set up home on top of my roof. they wake me up on time at around 5:30-6am every day chirping so i'm always tired and sleepy by ten at the end of the day. which is quite early for my standards.on top of that, when the birds get excited or angry or whatever it is that makes them move extra much, a layer of dust and dirt are bound to drop into my room. i know it only takes a quick clean to clear it up, but it does get annoying some time.

my parents and brother
i love these people to bits. they have been with me for my whole 25 years and have always supported me and taught me everything i know in life. (or at least, most!) i know i take them for granted, because i miss them more than ever while i'm here for my job. i love that dad and mum decide to visit me when they have the time and chance to make sure i'm okay. and the fact they call me everyday just to check up on me and chat about my day.
these are the small things that brighten up my day.

my extended family
these are the other people that mean a lot to me. i know they are worrying about me here in vietnam, because i truly are on my own here (but i know its okay, its my challenge to take up!). but i know they are supporting me to take my own stint here too. my grandmother told me before over the phone, that sydney is beautiful. and that if what i'm doing here is not right, or i'm unhappy, then i shouldn't continue. and i know that's true. but i have to give it a little time here. 6 months is way too short to decide if this is what i want to do. plus, i don't know what i'd do if i went back.

h and m
the last two people that are my support system. they are the most amazing people in my life. i whatsapp them every single day from the time i open my eyes to the time i close them at night. and they are there every single second for me. i know i take them for granted, but at the same time, i'm learning to cherish them more and more.
h and i write all the time. so i put pen to paper almost every day to her waiting for my three month break to send it all out. i love that i can write to her at any time of the day and write about anything too.
it's these people that keep me going, and pushing me forward.

so, there you go. a topic that is a bit heavy for the morning, but something i wanted to get out there.
what do you take for granted?

have a good morning!
love a.

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