Wednesday, 21 March 2012

the day we...became friends

took me a long time to decide what to blog tonight. 
there are so many topics we could casually post about daily. but i wanted to really post something wonderful... and i found that topic. that topic is friends.
i've been lucky enough to have met quite a few people who i consider to be good friends in my life, and found the real tests of friendship are distance and time. conquer both, and you have an amazing companion for life. 
(a: h, i think we have conquered it. time and distance. it is 5445 miles from ho chi minh city to auckland and we are six hours apart all the time. me hours earlier, and you hours later. we will be friends for life!)

a and i don't remember how we became friends. how we exchanged numbers, addresses, emails. but i'll always remember meeting her for the first time outside the MRT station at Taipei Zoo to get on the bus to start our tour adventures. both a little shy (i know i was!) we chatted for a little while on the bus, but that was it. for the next 20 days we were on tour, we were with different groups, on different buses, making friends with other people. after tour a went back to Sydney almost straight away.

2 years later, we've made a trip down to Queenstown, she's come to Auckland with m (and j!), and i've flown to Sydney. we haven't had much time together but we're the best of friends. everything else is quite a blur! but what they say is right:

"True friendship is not measured in days or decades." -Proverb

we share so many things in common. our love for food, cafe culture, restaurants. stationary. chocolate. books (bookstores!). tv shows. yoga. snail mail. the beach. snow. and of course, coffee...

"A cup of coffee commits one to fourty years of friendship." - Turkish Proverb

a and i are going to be friends for a really really really long time.
(a: we will be. forever i think. in each step, big or small, of our whole lives)
love, h

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