Monday, 2 April 2012

the day...i count down to home.

another post for another day! it's been a while it seems since i came on here with some inspiration. today, is a post about home because i'm almost there!

it's 11 days till i get on a plane to go home. that's next friday to put things more into perspective, next friday!! i'll be leaving about 4pm in the afternoon for the airport and my flight will be about 6pm to hong kong. then it'll be a 1.5 hour transfer till i get on another plane to fly to sydney. will be arriving in the afternoon the next day, saturday 14th.

it has been a long wait it seems already. i've already been away from home for 6 months.

you're probably wondering, but 6 months doesn't seem so long to be away from home. that's what i think too, 6 months isn't long is it? but it has felt like forever at the same time.

i'm only home for ten days this time. it's not enough time and much too short. i can't bear to think about what it'll be like when i have to leave again. luckily, i won't have to say goodbye to mum and dad just yet. they'll be flying with me back to vietnam so we spend the labour day long weekend together.

i haven't thought about what i'll do every day and how i'm going to spend this holiday yet. there's too much to do and too little time. what helps though is that i've jotted down places to go and things to buy. there will also be a lot of photo dates: just me, my camera and sydney. the beach, the cafes and coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, family and friends. everything i can get a good shot of.

h has also put together a surprise for me when i get back. i'll have a massive letter package waiting on my table and a birthday present i'll have to wait till the 16th to unwrap and discover. it's all so exciting, and i'm almost dancing on my toes thinking about it. i also have ideas for a nice neat little package for h that i'll put together when i get back. lots of ideas that i've already jot down in my ciak.

but until then, it's one and a half hours till the end of the work day. another monday done and dusted, and one more monday to go. weeee =)

hope you're all having a good start to the week!

love a.

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