Tuesday, 3 April 2012

the things that get us through the day.

h and i are currently going through part one of of our working goals in order to get through to our future dreams. traveling the world, opening a cafe, a restaurant, wedding planning (in h's case) just to name a few. we have a whole wide life ahead of us to aim for!

h has been at her first full time internship at a pharmacy for about three months now, going into her fourth month already. she likes it (i think?!) but then sometimes it gets tiring and a little overwhelming.  
not long now h, only nine more months to go. they will be quick!
but just like me, h has her things that help her get through the day. the best one coming up? her graduation! and her family going to visit her for two weeks in less than a month! nothing beats seeing family i think. quality time with them will be great i know since h hasn't seen her mum in about 5 months.
jia you h!
the next thing that helps her through the day? coffee i think. good quality coffee! something so simple but can brighten a day so easily.
(anything else to add h?)

h: our goals definitely are the main thing that are keeping us going. travelling the world and opening a cafe is the biggest thing on my mind at the moment. that lifestyle would be amazing. but for now, waking up every morning, having a good cup of coffee and doing my best to be cheerful to every customer makes me happy. a has healthy breakfasts when she doesn't go to the common room, with tea and fruit. 
looking forward to spending time with my mum and aunties. it's been a while since i've spent time with all three of them. although i haven't planned much for graduation, i just want to enjoy the day. must remember to wear flat shoes!

h and i always seem to be counting down to the next best thing coming up! (h: keeps life interesting!)

and me? well, i've been at my first full-time job experiencing a stint overseas for the last 6 months. it's been a bit hard sometimes being over here alone and without family and close friends, but h always cheers me up and gets me through the day through whatsapp. writing h and m also helps a lot as well as being able to talk to my dad over the phone every night. it's these tiny little things that cheer me up and make me feel like i'm actually not so far away from everyone.

but right now, the biggest thing on my mind is HOME. in 9 days. this is what will get me through till next friday.
 i finally get to see m and my whole family again, all my cousins, my aunties, my uncles, and most importantly, my dad and mum! (and of course, my brother!) the next best thing, i'll be turning 25, a quarter of a century. i'm excited for h's package on my table (which is already on its way on a plane perhaps, you are the best h!), and celebrating with all the people that are close to my heart. lots of cake! yum!

h: anything for you, a. i spent a few months looking for bits and pieces that have significant meaning to us both, so we are sharing the gift! 
a and i love doing our online browsing for shopping. other than kikki.k, we love huffer! lately, a has been looking at mimco and me at saben

and i guess i could go on forever about all the things i am dying to do but that will be for another day. maybe just before i leave.

for now, it's back to work. only 9.40am now and still a whole day to get through. i'm almost there!

what helps get you through the day?

love a.

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