Friday, 6 April 2012


 Happy Easter!

in NZ, we all get a highly-anticipated 4 day holiday. and lucky for all, the weather is fantastic. it's the summer that never came... though i'm sitting at my laptop at 11am. and it's sorta chilly. still. beautiful.

i've never much celebrated holidays. i think it depends a lot on families and religion. i used to spend most holidays in church (though my family isn't religious), but this year, my workmates (and i guess, the whole retail sector) put quite a lot of emphasis on each and every holiday. so i started celebrating valentines with c, st patricks day (selling most of the green items in the shop), and then Easter. although i didn't buy any wind-up-to-make-hop fluffy yellow chicks or egg decorations, i did enjoy the chocolates. and along with the spicy-aroma wafting from bakers delight next door cooking up never-ending batches of hot cross buns. i was hooked.

Chocolate Hot Cross Buns from Bakers Delight
(admittedly our 3rd batch this year...)
and chocolate gifts from friends and colleagues...

then i decided i'd get creative and make my own "bunny-eggs", as dad called them. i gave one each to l, y and j. dad complained he didn't get one. then said himself he doesn't eat chocolate.

so is it all about these little gifty things? chocolate and buns? a colleague has got it right, i reckon. since she became a nana. she's been giving her grandkids a book for every holiday. special books. so they'll grow up with a growing collection of books from nana. rather than chocolates and wind-up chicks. isn't that a great idea?

so what does Easter mean to you? post-summer/pre-winter family holidays? remembering the gift of salvation from Christ Jesus? or just a well deserved 4-day break? 

whatever, wherever. enjoy the sunshine. 
love, h

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