Thursday, 5 April 2012

a place to call home.

another post about home.

a and i have a lot of dreams together. like getting through this year. travelling the world. the cafe... we've talked about living together before and really liked the idea of having your best friend just in the next room, or the same, whenever you need them! but today the seed of the idea of getting somewhere together eventually has really sprouted its first leaves.

before this though, i don't think either of us actually calculated how much it would be to pay for a home. (mmm at this point its more like a deposit on a home.) but after doing some maths, we've got a mini plan together. and it may just happen within the next couple of years!

watch this space.

and although the plans are still far away, a and i are already full to the brim with ideas for a home! i can already see a coffee machine on the breakfast bar with wooden stools where we start our day, clean and simple decor- wood, white and glass, photos on the walls and on shelves and great lighting. there will be our books on the shelves. our shoes at the door. our lives in that home.

From my week. coffee from Olaf's Artisan Bakery Cafe in Mt Eden. the food there is a bit over-priced, but their bread..... divine. i tried the fig and fennel loaf this week and i'm already itching to get my hands on a new loaf to munch on.

speaking of divine food. while i was searching up Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook "My Father's Daughter", i stumbled upon her blog/website/newsletter the food looks amazing and i love the travel section (called 'go') especially.

apologies for not posting much this week, work has been manic! but the long Easter weekend is here, more posts promised.
love, h

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