Thursday, 17 May 2012

just can't put it down.

i have to be honest. 
i haven't been posting because i've been reading the Hunger Games trilogy.
it's been keeping me up at nights, leaving me really tired at work. 

but i just want to know what happens next!

can't help my love affair with books.
this short short post makes me feel doubly guilty.
the weather has been awful lately. we had hail yesterday. so the most relaxing thing to do is curl up in bed
with a mug of hot tea from a,
and the Hunger Games, my Spanish Tapas cookbook, or my FQ (Fashion Quarterly)....i've also put in a 7-book order in with fishpond. can't wait till they arrive.

yes, guilty as charged.

goodnight, with the promise of a long post this weekend.
love, h

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