Sunday, 20 May 2012

the day we have to brave our own way through the world.

phew. what a long title to start off a heavy topic.

not that i mean it to be morbid. it's just a very real thing that everyone has to face. eventually.

my friend, l went on a first date, having general conversation about their lives, which school they went to, why they've chosen their career paths...etc. But when she asked if he had any siblings, he "had a brother." having not experienced some of these things ourselves, i can imagine conversation could have become rather difficult.

a and i live apart from part of our families. a braving a new country all on her own this year. i did that 7 years ago. but am lucky enough to have my brother and dad here now. but missing mum is not easy. it's still a bit of a shock when i think i've spent the most part of the last 7 years of my life away from my mum. it's even harder for a.

and one day, we will have the brave the world on our own. i hate to think this, but it happens to people everywhere. daily. losing people they love. at least, a and i will be there for each other.

60 minutes had a segment on a girl who'd been burnt terribly in a bushfire, but she survived. She learnt how to talk, walk and do everyday things again. Slowly, but she's still fighting. and alongside her, her partner. i can't imagine how hard it would've been to watch the woman you loved so much suffer. i can only imagine the joy they have that they're still together having gone through so much.

if they can fight for life and love, so can we.

this also ties in well with the end of the Hunger Games. (if you're planning to read it, stop reading!) they go through all the games and torture. to the point it seemed for a while there was no more hope for the simple, unconditional love anymore. (yes, i know it's much more complicated than how i've put it.) everyone's looking for that "dandelion in the spring. The promise of life instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on no matter how bad our losses."

yes, after a weeks late nights i've finished the books. now, i better finish my assignment i've been putting off. 

and keep being brave.
love, h

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