Saturday, 14 July 2012

the skin you're in.

i'm lucky. i have mostly combination skin that doesn't require a lot of maintenance. i have never had acne problems. my main problem is dry patches and redness and irritation at times. i've also got freckles. 
as a young woman, everyone puts a lot of emphasis on skincare. we should all start young, change the routine as we age, and always wear sunscreen (as i learnt the hard way!). working in pharmacy, we give so many people tips of how to take care of their skin... but with millions of products out there, how do you choose?

my answer is simply: the simple basics, then it's down to 'trial and error'.

so what are the simple basics? it's those big traditional 'ordinary' cleansers and moisturisers you buy in pharmacies. like aqueous cream, Nivea, QV, Cetaphil, Dermasoft... just to name a few. this is one case where less is more.

i've been using Nivea cream for years, but then i started exploring fancier options. not only did i find i was spending more money, i wasn't getting very good results. in desperation one winter, when my face was so dry it was peeling in places, i tried Cetaphil. now i swear by it and recommend it to lots of customers.

while i was exploring skin care options, i found Clinique. i've always known the brand somehow, and now i think back i realise, my mum used Clinique. their 3-step was much too harsh for my skin long term, but their Moisture Surge is my favourite product. i love it's smooth gel texture which is perfect as a day moisturiser in summer or applied thicker as a moisture mask. 
i have a category of skin care that i think of as 'emergency products'. i always have lucas pawpaw handy (in my handbags and in my bedside table) for dry lips, hands, cuts, scars... EA's Eight Hour Cream also works for me in the same way (it's also got a really fresh scent that i like!)
special maintenance products, such as my Carmex Lip Balm for dry lips (also works for me in preventing those annoying cold sores!) which i've been using for over 10 years, Trilogy rosehip oil, amazing for dry skin and scars and Vitamin E Oil from Trader Joe's (in USA). I use my Vit E Oil mostly in summer after a long day on the beach as a moisturiser (love for your tanned skin and also helps your tan last longer!)
my latest discovery is Argan Oil. it's amazing for hair. i apply it after i've blow-dried and it smoothes frizziness, makes my hair healthy and shiny without weighing it down or looking oily. it also makes it super smooth and soft. this one's a travel sized bottle to try, but i'm sure i'll be upgrading to the bigger one soon!

as for sunscreen, opt for an SPF 30 or more, oil-free if you're acne prone, and reapply on your lunch break. i'm currently using Invisible Zinc (no nasty chemicals!). 

my final skin care tip: lifestyle. lots of fresh fruit and veges, plenty of water, and a good sleep pattern is key.

love, h

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