Saturday, 14 July 2012

what i'm baking...

been a while since i posted. and this one is the belated baking one i promised.
with spring only 47 days away. i'm so excited! 

i set out in june to create the perfect weekly loaf of bread for my family.
it wasn't easy. dad didn't like the attempt at soda bread that i made the first week... i think it's an acquired taste. c's family didn't mind it at all.
but as a mentioned last post, i managed to win the family over with a simple yeast bread. i've been making it every week. am almost ready to venture into adding wheat/wholemeal and seeds to it!

another recipe i've made many times and is a family favourite is cinnamon brioches. the key to any brioche recipe is the butter. it makes the dough so deliciously silky and smells amazing in the oven. my family loves cinnamon and brown sugar, so i add lots!

i usually bake them separately in muffin tins, but dad thought eating them out of the cake tin like this had a surprisingly homey feeling. when you pull them apart, you can see the lovely rise of the dough and the yummy caramel goodness!

i also tried the 'best choc chip cookies ever' recipe from Cupcakes and Cashmere! got my ancient KitchenAid out to help with the mixing. it's a lot of work, and requires A LOT of patience (36 hours waiting time). but the result is spectacular.

 i separated the dough into 3 batches for cooling, then couldn't resist and baked one batch after 18 hours. they were YUM!

1 hour prep, 36 hours wait and 15 mins in the oven at 180degrees later.... YUM!
so that's what i've been baking lately... adding the recipes into my secret little book of recipes to keep forever... now, for a cup of tea and another cookie!
love, h

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