Thursday, 22 March 2012

a typical day.

most mornings my alarm goes off at 7. then every 10 mins until 7:30. that's when i really have to get up.
i put the kettle on and go wash up. then i'll make my coffee (strong, bitter, milk, no sugar) and put the toaster on while i get dressed. just before 8, i'll grab the toast and my lunch and get in the car to drive to work.
usually i'm there with 5-10 mins to spare, lately the traffic has been a nightmare but i'm still always the first one there.

i get a break at 10:30, then 12:30, and 3:30. a 30 min lunch break doesn't allow for much, especially on days i need to make a run to the post office. but i'm grateful it's only a 2 min walk away. otherwise i don't know how i'd be able to send post off (especially my packages for a!) if i don't bring lunch, there's a couple of bakeries on the main street which is handy. (the bakery next door does an amazing chicken and vege pie!) i've been reading on my recent lunch breaks. lunch is also the perfect time to message a. she's just starting her day.

5:30 we finish, but sometime we don't get out the door till 5:50 with stragglers. traffic varies depending on what day it is, but i'm home by 6:15. our family tries to have dinner before 7pm. we usually prepare dishes on Sunday or on my day off, Monday, then reheat them when they're needed. we take turns washing the dishes (which i hate doing!) a is having her lunch around now, so we can message here too.

after dinner we all go off and work in our rooms or watch tv. when i don't have work and there's no shows on, i'll write and read. most days i try to bit of everything. been blogging before bed now too, which is really good for sorting my thoughts for the day. by 10:30 i'm tired. i'll get in bed, turn all the lights off except my reading light, read for half and hour or so then it's time for sleep.

most days go on like this, but every now and then i'll have a dinner, a movie, a letter from someone, a date or something that'll make my day exciting. but otherwise. every day is just another typical day.
love, h

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