Friday, 23 March 2012

just an idea.

it's FRIDAY!
(or at least will be in NZ for another 25 minutes).

feels wonderful that another week is over, a and i have conquered another week of our years goal working. going into our travel+cafe savings account. we plan to travel the world one day. one place at a time. i'm so excited. top of my list of places to visit are: Thailand, Italy, Spain, India and Malaysia. full to the brim with amazing culture (and food.)

had another idea this week, given to me by c. i love cafes, but c could argue that i love bookstores more (and he'd have a fair case considering how much time he spends in them with me.) there's just something amazing about seeing all those books lined up on the shelves (neatly or slightly messy- adds a personal touch!), some unique stationary lines, notebooks, diaries and wrapping paper. combine that with a coffee shop and i'm in heaven. so why not combine the two for our shop? a loves the idea too. 
photo courtesy of a lovely Thai dinner i had with c last week. it didn't taste that great, but i got some amazing shots there. have been researching vases this week for the wedding i'm decorating.

heading to bed because i still need to work Saturday morning, happy Friday!
love, h

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