Saturday, 24 March 2012

why i love Sunday mornings.

it's Sunday morning here in NZ (tho the blog time says it's Saturday, so i'm kinda sorta cheating with my 'blogging every day,'..sshhh...)

anyways, Sunday mornings. ah. I didn't get to enjoy my usual Sunday morning last week due to walking 8.4k. but this week it is back to its former glory. if you've been in NZ you'd know, but the rain this week has been unbearable! i hate driving in the rain, but being stuck home in the rain is just as bad. it's lovely and sunny today though. i love waking up to a sunny day!

our family tries to get as many sit down meals together as we can. since i left TW 6.5 years ago (almost 7 years!) it's been harder without everyone around and us kids growing up. but we've maintained Sunday mornings. dad gets the groceries, i make breakfast (when it's done, j wanders half-asleep to the table) and we all sit down to some food, tea, coffee and just enjoy the time we have together.

it occurred to me over the last couple of years that this is it. we aren't going to revert back to being 5 or 10 years old, nor are mum and dad going to be 30 again. we aren't going to go back to having dinner together every night...maybe forever. in a few years, a meal together may be a rare and special thing. so i'm cherishing every moment now.

today i made a simple version of eggs benedict. didn't take a photo though, and just when i thought i'd cheat and use a photo from when my friend, d and i made some last time, i realised 'gosh it's been ages since d and i did that! i can't even find the photo on my computer!) we have an english muffin each, with fresh ham and a poached egg. instead of making proper hollandaise sauce, i mix wholegrain mustard with a little mayo, dad actually prefers it.

stayed up late last night reading. was just remembering how even when i was 10, i wanted to have a library in my house when i grew up. at 23, i have that same dream. there's something just so wonderful about wooden shelves lined with books. i'd find a 'favourite chair' and park it by a large window and a tall coffee table to read by. with lots of cushions. and a throw for winter.

This bookstore is actually within a cafe in TW. i went for breakfast with my family ladies- Gran, mum and auntie last year. Sonnetor Cafe uses all organic, simple ingredients to create their breakfasts and they have an amazing selection of bread. their books are all on healthy living, growing gardens, designing houses... their music, jazz, indie,  their interiors were AMAZING. i adored this place!

i bought their mini calendar for this year. it's hanging on my wall. reminding me of all the good memories i had there. anyone else missing a a lot? i do.
love, h

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