Tuesday, 13 March 2012

a little taste of my new temporary home.

its been three months since i moved to Vietnam for work, but it definitely feels longer than that. been settling in easily since i lived here when i was little. the only difficult thing? being away from everything i love dearly. but h helps me out a lot during my down moments. keeps me staying positive to get through it all. i don't know what i'd do without her.

anyways, dad came to visit a couple of weeks ago so i thought i might take the camera for a long-needed ride. h and i love photography and love taking photos. we often dream of photos dates together. it's on the future agenda!

i guess the pictures can do the all the talking in this post, they say a million words.
hope you love them as much as me!

good morning to you!
skyline view of the city.
breakfast? grilled pork and noodles, yum!
....and coffee too! (the traditional vietnamese way)
off to the markets we go!
sightseeing! the historical notre dame cathedral
afternoon tea by the river anyone?
the road that leads to.....?
by the water.
dinner time! and fairy lights! i love fairy lights.

and, lastly. i miss home. 33 days.

love, a.

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