Tuesday, 27 March 2012

wedding planning 1.

i don't know where i get wedding ideas from. i don't have a lot of experience with weddings, haven't been to many, and certainly haven't done lots of research... lots of girls dream of their wedding from a young age. but i never really have (it just seems so far away. and how can you plan a wedding, a celebration of your love for someone, if you don't even know who that someone is yet?) after my first 'job' as a wedding planner i realised that i love helping someone achieve what they'd like on their wedding day. 

maybe one day, it'll become my job. but for now, it's what i do for fun. sounds strange i know. i love it. getting all the details together to produce a beautiful product. the start of someone's life with the person they love. 

so when my friend asked me to help her with her wedding cake. i said yes! then i thought...'oh...wait. i've never made a wedding cake before...'  she later asked me to be her planner as well... my second job! this past weekend i made my first ever trial wedding cake and presented it to my friend on her birthday.

the bride just wanted a plain chocolate cake. having used royal icing only once before (on a 21st cake and it was purple!) i wasn't entirely sure how it'd turn out. sure enough, the top layer wasn't smoothed out enough and i ended up with a bubble- which later became a lump and wrinkled the icing. but the bottom tier turned out much better. playing with the icing is just like moulding clay or playdough. making sure the cover up any bits i'd left a little lumpy, i made little flower petals in a range of sizes then put them together. i coloured part of the icing to make it very pale yellow. 

it wasn't perfect. it was lumpy and quite rough. but it was my first trial wedding cake! i've looked on YouTube about using stencils and things, but my friend would like to keep it simple, so the final cake will most likely be along these lines...maybe even with real flowers. 

we also managed to go to the reception hotel to brainstorm and meet shortly with the event manager. soon there will be mountains of my notes on the colour of the organza, how to decorate the chairs, how to set the tables...all over my room. 

that was my weekend. hope you all had a lovely Tuesday. it's my brother, j's birthday today. 20 years old. man how time flies. we are celebrating. with another cake.
love, h

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