Thursday, 24 May 2012

wishlist 1.


it seems awfully materialistic to be writing a wishlist. however, i think they simply show what i appreciate in life. usually i don't end up getting them (after many internal battles haha), but every now and then i'll treat myself a little bit...

1. the saben blush Tilly. saben does amazing bags. the leather is gorgeous. i'd take this with me everywhere, as a wallet/bit and pieces bag/travel wallet.... i may just give in to this one this winter.

2. a silver cake server. i have to admit. this is a spur of the moment one. i saw the gorgeous cake server in cupcakes and cashmere's blog, and just swooned. to add that little bit of extra glamour to your cakes. (no wonder c says women are like magpies...)

3. a soft leather notebook cover. maybe A5 size. to cover my notebooks. (yes, i do love leather). and it'd be the most perfect thing to pass on through your family. for now, my ciak diaries are my touch of leather on notebooks.

i'm also going to ask the old photographer in the area i work to teach me how to develop film photography the traditional way. this experience would be invaluable. i'm going to ask him when i pop in to pick up my most recent batch of lomography photos from my Diana Mini from a :)

getting greedy, aren't i.

baked a batch of my brownies last weekend, a and i love them. Yum!

i love your letters, a. love love love them. top of my wishlist.

bedtime i think. goodnight world.
love, h


what a good topic h chose today! a wishlist! i wonder why it's taken h and i so long to write about this subject. but here we are, and we've finally started writing about it. i'm sure we all have wishlists and these lists go on forever ~
h is right. having a wishlist like this awfully materialistic. but remember, we're all human in the end - and so we're all materialistic in our own little way.

here goes.

1. tiffany and co. long necklace

i believe every girl should own a tiffany in this life.
their range is always so simple but oh-so elegant and something of theirs always draws me in, no question. i've looked at this necklace for a while now - its look is easily classic and thats why i love it. and because i've been a sucker for long necklaces lately, this is perfect.

2. status anxiety phoebe

i came across this new brand a couple of years ago when my wallet needed replacing (thanks m for the dakota!). the wallet i got is such beautiful leather, i love the feel of it and well it ages.
next want: phoebe!

3. food processor

i love my baking. except the parentals say that our home kitchen is much too small for a food processor. food processors are useful. they make baking and cooking so much easier. aah, but is there really a need for one? it would be nice to have one though.
perhaps a nice shiny classic kitchen aid?

goodnight, love a 

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