Sunday, 27 May 2012


usually i post at the beginning of every month to welcome the start of another month, but may was just a bit hectic at the start. so here is a summary and farewell to may. there are a few things i've found...

i've actually managed to save more money this month than any other month of work so far (5 months and counting), considering it felt like i spent a lot more too with family visiting (meals, gifts, petrol...), winter starting to bare down our backs (highly recommend Viralex, liquid echinacea and a good vitamin C for the whole family), and also buying a ticket to Coldplay (which i can of course justify, as it's the weekend after my exam, therefore calls for celebration). which makes me think, giving to the people you love is really how you receive (in my case, magically save money!).

my body misses exercise. last year i went to a yoga/pilates class, and it did me wonders in the energy and flexibility department (argh, i'm picking up this 'department' habit from a colleague who refers to each section of the shop as a department...). i can feel my muscles are tighter and i'm not sleeping as well. note to self to get back to the gym (or better yet, use my Wii Fit and save money!) as soon as this assignment is over.

a few years ago, i decided i wanted my life to be simple. and it's a lot harder than saying, 'yes, starting tomorrow, i'll be a simple person with a simple life.' i cant even say that i've achieved it now. but i'm getting there. i've thrown out a lot of things that don't matter (materialistic and not), keeping the few things that matter most to me. that may sound like i'm putting all my eggs into less baskets. but it's made me a lot happier, not stretching myself to cover all the possible bases. i'm devoting more into the things that i love.

so while the leaves are turning red, orange, yellow, brown and some still vibrantly green outside, i'm welcoming the rest of the year. 4 months till the end of winter. 5 more months of training. 6 months till 2012 is over. 7 days to complete this assignment. happy end of may.

love, h

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