Sunday, 27 May 2012

sunday loves.

so, i think that since sunday is my day off, i should find at least a few minutes of time to blog a post about anything. even if it is a short (but sweet!) one. when h and i first started this blog, we were determined to make posts routinely regular and blog at least once every day. but that idea seems to have lagged, and we only post every now and then. in my case, even less. and thus, i have decided that every sunday of every week is my 'must-post' day...

...and to help me along in that, i came across a great idea in the sunday magazine i read every week. they have a section called: what's on our wishlist this week, sunday loves. and it shows a whole lot of things they are in love with. clothes, bags, style, stationary, accessories, everything! i thought that this was perfect. something easy and achievable.

this week's love?

yen magazine:
everytime you throw a coffee cup in the bin, an angel loses its wings. okay, that's probably not true, but all those cardboard cups do take their toll on our environment. home-grown company KeepCup has already released a reusable, barista-standard coffee cup and now it's making teeny tiny versions for espressos, piccolos, ristrettos, babycinos and macchiatos. Do your bit and grab one from

and the best thing? they can be personalised to your own favourite colours!

that's it for today!
goodnight, love a

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