Saturday, 26 May 2012


i recently upgraded from an htc wildfire to the sensation xl. for a multitude of reasons, including a better camera, larger screen, better functions, but also the incredible quality of sound with its collaboration with beats audio. and truly it's quite amazing.

with winter creeping in, while i snuggle in my new Kathmandu down jacket, sipping some hot tea and reading a new book, these will definitely be on my playlist...

Phillip Phillips. from the top 12 of idol, he really sung out to me as being really unique and he really stayed true to himself throughout the competition. he dressed simply and overall i think he just relaxed and enjoyed himself but put all he had out there. he had lots of great performances, but he has made this song, just so. so sexy. and i never say that about anyone. honestly, i melted. also recommend, "Movin' Out", "Volcanoes" and "Beggin'"

i've had Gotye and Kimbra's "Somebody that I used to know" on replay almost since it came out (and clearly so had most of the world...). cannot believe this some almost didn't make it onto his album, but it's definitely become the song that everyone will remember them by.

last but not least, a song that i love so much. just because it's what we all want. that 'comfortable, so broken in' love. i had the pleasure of going to John Mayer's concert at Vector Arena in Auckland in 2010 (i've still got the poster on my wall!), he is amazing live. he's one of my favourite singers. he has a new album out too!

enjoy x
love, h

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